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In a world where fitting in and looking perfect is magnified, finding your voice and understanding mental health as you get older becomes extremely important. During this program girls will meet an expert that works with neurodiverse children/teens and learn all about mental health disorders and the difference between mental health and mental wellness.  Girl will discover relaxing and calming coping skills and unlock the secrets to emotional and sensory regulation while exploring how different sensory based environments make them feel. Topping off the program the girls will customize their own mindfulness techniques they can use at home and design an aromatherapy bracelet they can wear everyday. 


Program Includes: 

  • Program supplies and activities
  • Play in the Sensory Zone
  • Snack
  • Resilient. Ready. Strong patch
  • Finding Your Voice patch



  • Please purchase one ticket per child.
  • No cost for adults. 
  • When ordering tickets please select (Pick up at the Sensory Zone) for the shipping rate.  Your tickets will be avaliable the day of the event at the front desk. No tickets will be mailed. 

Cadette Finding My Voice program

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