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A family business designed for families!

In 2019, Sean, an 8-year-old boy living with numerous neurodiversity's wanted to develop fidget kits and an inclusive activity center for all kids. He wanted everyone to have access to the fidgets and tools he had.  His dream became a reality with the development of Keep Calm Tool Kits. Four years later Keep Calm Tool Kits has grown to be a beacon of hope for hundreds of families raising children who are neurodiverse. To him, we all have frogs in our brain and it's ok to just be yourself!

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Keep Calm Tool Kit Mission

Our mission is to help families and communities thrive through sensory play, education and coaching.

Keep Calm Tool Kits delivers on their mission everyday through:

Keep Calm Pop-Up fidget shops, the Keep Calm Mobile Sensory Unit and the Keep Calm Sensory Zone!

Look at all of the wonderful opportunities Keep Calm Tool Kits has to offer all

because a young boy had a dream! 

Calming Kids Foundation

a 501C3 non-profit organization


To enhance the lives of families and communities by connecting them to the sensory play and resources that they need. 

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