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Sensory Zone Passes

The Sensory Zone is an inclusive activity center incorporating sensory play through hands-on exploration. Children of ALL ages loved to explore and have fun in all 6 of our areas. Run and play in our sensory gym, swing to your hearts content, dive into our foam pit or scale our climbing walls. Once done playing in the gym explore both underwater and up in space in our sensory reduced room. Play in our touch wall panel area or venture outside in our fenced in outside play zone.  

Adults, we are here for you as well! Sit back and relax in out Adult Zen Zone while your kids are hanging out with volunteers in. Browse our internal and external resources we have or grab a few new fidgets or sensory tools in our retail shop!


* CLTS Case Managers! Purchase your client's play passes using the link provided below. 


Are you a CLTS Case Manager? 

Complete this JotForm link for each child you want to purchase Play Passes for at the Sensory Zone. You will get emailed an invoice to send to your finance department. Once the invoice is sent back to you your client can come in to play at the Sensory Zone at their convenience. 

Sensory Zone Play Pass request form

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