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Respite Care at the Sensory Zone

Nurturing a child with neurological, physical, or cognitive diversity places substantial strain, stress, and responsibilities on parents or guardians. Even a brief hour away from the child can wield a profound impact on one's mental, emotional, and psychological well-being, revitalizing the spirit, soul, and energy levels. At the Keep Calm Sensory Zone, emphasizing the importance of self-care and stress management is paramount. Families engaged in our Respite Care program at the Sensory Zone can opt for durations ranging from 1 to 3 hours per day, allowing flexibility to meet their specific needs.

What makes our Respite Program unique!  


excursions logo.png

Starting May 24th, the Sensory Zone will be venturing out into the community on fun excursions with our respite kiddos! Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday families can sign their child up for a 4-hour time slot during which staff from the Sensory Zone will hang out with the children at a local fun opportunity.  Each week will be a different themed excursion.  All excursions are included in the cost of respite care. Transportation to and from excursions provided. Car seats required. All respite kids going on excursions will need to have a completed excursion permission slip on file.

Fun excursions will include: Outdoor splash pad with popsicles, Nature hike with ice cream, Zoo with train ride, Farm visit with snacks and U-pick strawberry farm. 

Play with Purpose

play with purpose.jpg

"Play with Purpose" offers a unique and enriching experience, encouraging individuals to explore their senses through hands-on activities. Our innovative approach goes beyond traditional play by incorporating purposeful tasks that engage all five senses. From tactile experiments to visually captivating challenges and immersive auditory experiences, we create a dynamic environment fostering joy and personal growth. Join us in redefining play as a meaningful exploration of the senses, where every interaction becomes a fulfilling adventure. Unleash your creativity, connect with your surroundings, and elevate your sense of purpose through purposeful play.

Engaging Schedules


Explore a fresh realm of purposeful play through our well-organized and captivating experiences. We skillfully combine considerate design with interactive activities, forming a distinct environment where purposeful play intersects with meaningful engagement. Immerse yourself in a world where each moment is deliberate, nurturing both personal growth and enjoyment. Enhance your play journey with us, where structure meets thrill, and purpose effortlessly intertwines with every playful interaction

Hangout Buddies

UW Madison.jpg

The Sensory Zone has collaborated with UW Madison to provide a Community-Based Learning opportunity for individuals pursuing careers in education, special education, occupational therapy, speech pathology, nursing, and more. These dedicated volunteers have the chance to intentionally and positively interact with your children, fostering lifelong skills. Hangout Buddies undergo thorough training in pediatric mental health, coping skills, and effective engagement with children who have diverse abilities.  We also employ 5 part time respite workers that are not involved in the community based learning program. 

Securing your Respite Time

Step 1

Tell us about your child

Please fill out the child information form, providing details that will assist us in customizing a respite care program based on their needs. This ensures that your child's time with us is personalized and memorable.

Step 2

Choose the option that best fits your family's need.

Have CLTS:

  • Inform your Case Manager that you are interested in respite care at the Sensory Zone.

  • Determine the # of hours per week your family can use respite care at the Sensory Zone.

  • Have your Case Manager complete your child's prior authorization for respite care and email it to

  • Click on the link above to secure your respite date(s) and time(s).

  • Let us know on your child information form that you have CLTS and we will work with your case manager to bill CLTS for your respite time. ​

Don't have CLTS:

  • Pay $22 an hour for your child to participate in all the fun of the Sensory Zone and have their play pass included in the price. You can pay online OR in the Sensory Zone. 

Step 3

Pick your date(s) and time(s) for respite care. Parents can secure 1 - 3 hours per day.

Secure child's hangout time! (respite hours)

Click on the week you are looking for Respite Care for and sign up for the hours that you would like us to 'Hangout' with your child(ren). Please note that the weeks start on Tuesday and end the following Sunday.

  • April 28 to May 5

  • May 7 to 12

  • May 14 to 19

  • May 21 to 26 (Farm visit excursion) 

  • May 28 to June 2 (U-pick strawberry excursion) 

  • June 4 to 9 (Zoo with train ride excursion)

  • June 11 to 16 (Nature hike with Play Place/ice cream excursion)

  • June 18 to 23 (Splash Pad with popsicles excursion)

  • June 25 to 30 (Farm visit excursion) 

  • July 2 to July 7 (U-pick strawberry excursion) 

  • July 9 to 14 (Zoo with train ride excursion)

  • July 16 to 21 (Nature hike with Play Place/ice cream excursion)

  • July 23 to 28 (Splash Pad with popsicles excursion)

  • July 30 August 4 (U-pick strawberry excursion) 

  • August 6 to 11 (Zoo with train ride excursion)

  • August 13 to 18 (Nature hike with Play Place/ice cream excursion)

  • August 20 to 25 (Splash Pad with popsicles excursion)

The Sensory Zone is hiring Hangout Buddies!

The Sensory Zone is in the process of hiring more respite workers! Share with us your families respite needs so we can schedule staff appropriately!

Interested in becoming a Hangout Buddy
(respite worker) at the Sensory Zone!

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