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Respite Care at the Sensory Zone

Raising a child with neuro, physical or cognitive diverse aspects can put a lot of strain, stress and work on a parent or guardian.  Being able to take a break for even an hour, away from the child, can make a HUGE difference in the mental, emotional, and psychological well-being of a person's spirit, soul and energy levels. Self-care and stress management is a top priority at the Keep Calm Sensory Zone. We are excited to offer Respite Care (aka Hangouts) at the Keep Calm Sensory Zone!

Securing your Respite Time is easy!

Special Notes:


If your children are wanting to hangout together with 1 Respite staff please email and let us know. 

Pay for the # of hours of respite time you are booking for the week upon checkout. 

1. Tell us about your child. 

Complete the child information form and share with us information that will makes your child experience with us amazing!

2. Pick your date(s) and time(s) for respite. 

Click on the week you are looking for Respite Care and sign up for the hours or hours that you would like us to 'Hangout' with your child(ren). 

3. Pay for your Respite Time. 

Choose the best option below for your family's need. 

  • Have CLTS? Work with your Case Manager to secure your respite date(s) and time(s). Let us know on your child information form that you have CLTS and we will work with your case manager to bill CLTS for your respite time. 

  • Don't have CLTS?

    • Have play passes already? Pay only $18 an hour per child for Respite and use one of your punch cards. 

    • Don't have any play passes to the Sensory Zone? No worries. Pay $22 an hour for your child to participate in all the fun of the Sensory Zone and have their play pass included in the price. 

Respite Staff and Volunteer information

Here is the updated Respite schedule. If something changes, please let me know.  

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