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Fidget & Product FAQs

Who can benefit from a Keep Calm Tool Kit?
The Keep Calm Tool Kit was designed for all ages.  Anyone, no matter their age that needs a little help with regulating their emotions, reducing anxiety, decreasing stress or feeling happier would benifit from the fidgets and resources.  The kit is perfect for those who living with Anxiety, ADHD, Depression, Sensory Processing Disorder or other mental health challenges. Everyone, no matter their diagnosis or mental health will benefit from the tools inside.  The kit was design by a 9-year-old boy who lives with four mental health disorders and wanted everyone to have access to the tools, fidgets and resources that help him on a daily basis. 

What can you buy?
The Keep Calm Tool Kit has an assortment of fidgets and tools useful in regulating emotions and helping calm someone down.  The fidgets and tools have been chosen to help all types of fidgeters. You can get:

  • Fidget that spins or flips

  • Fidget that can be smashed, pulled, hit

  • Fidget that is calming or bubbling

  • Fidget that can be created or constructed

  • Aromatherapy tool

  • Activity deck full of useful calming strategies

How do I contact you?

You can contact us anytime at We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and you will receive a reply within two (2) business days.

An item broke. What can I do?
We always check the items to make sure they are intact before placing them inside your Keep Calm Tool Kit. However, if you receive a broken item, please email us at within 3 days of receiving your box and we will gladly assist you! Unfortunately, we cannot be responsible for items that are broken during or after use. 

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