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Keep Calm Sensory Zone Wish List

Keep Calm Tool Kits is excited to open the first ever Keep Calm Sensory Zone in Madison, WI. With 1:5 children severely impacted by mental health challenges and millions of families not knowing how to work with their children or how to help them, the need for a family activity center for those families is extremely important. The Sensory Zone will be that safe haven for all those families. 

At the Sensory Zone, families with children or young adults living with or impacted by pediatric mental health challenges will have an inclusive environment where they can regulate their emotions, reduce sensory input, participate in fun hands-on activities, celebrate with family and friends and gain access to the sensory tools and fidgets they require to thrive. Families will be able to obtain resources, support and self-care tools as well as a team in their corner helping them navigate their journey with pediatric mental health. 

This is where you come in.  In order to design the most sensory inclusive environment for all children, Keep Calm Tool Kits will need to obtain a large array of sensory equipment and tools that the children can use while at the Sensory Zone.  You can join our mission to help all families thrive through sensory play, education and coaching by searching your heart and giving at any level you feel comfortable. Don't want to give financially but still want to help us reach as many families as possible? Purchase something from our Amazon Wish list. 

Keep Calm Tool Kits Sensory Zone: Amazon Wish List

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